Tracy Ponich: Above Sutton Forest (November 2017)

Above Sutton Forest, Southern Highlands

Planting trees for habitat

Supporting an Australian organisation: Trees For Life.

Trees For LifeTo date Feathermark has funded the planting of 369 native trees through Trees For Life! There are two streams of funding. This is what I have chosen to do:

  • 64 trees for carbon sequestration,
  • 305 trees for habitat.

I like to think of the homes these trees provide for our precious Australian fauna. View the certificate here (PDF).

Trees For Life (TFL) is an Australian, not for profit organisation based in South Australia. TFL projects preserve habitat and sequester carbon through carefully managed reforestation projects. Visit the Trees For Life website here.

Offsetting emissions

Everything has an impact. Doing something more about Feathermark’s footprint.

Pangolin Associates badge of sustainabilityAustralian carbon and energy management specialists, Pangolin Associates, has measured Feathermark Photography’s carbon footprint.

Emissions I cannot reduce or eliminate are mainly due to suppliers: e.g. printing and framing materials and processes. So as well as planting trees, I offset these emissions with certified (VCU) carbon credits.

The credits I choose support global renewable energy and Australian forestry conservation projects.

To date Feathermark has offset 45 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.  Visit the Pangolin Associates website.


Other ways I reduce Feathermark’s footprint

  • Supply electricity to my studio via solar panels,
  • Drive to photography shoots in my electric car (PHEV), charged by the photovoltaics (petrol stations are not part of my life),
  • Use energy efficient lighting only,
  • Recycle everything (everything), even the inconvenient stuff,
  • Source local suppliers, choose responsible businesses with a low carbon footprint.