Planting trees for habitat

Supporting an Australian organisation: Trees For Life.

To date Feathermark has funded the planting of 349 native trees through Trees For Life! View the certificate here (PDF).

Trees For Life (TFL) is an Australian, not for profit organisation. TFL projects preserve habitat and sequester carbon through reforestation.

Offsetting emissions

Everything has an impact. Doing something about Feathermark’s footprint.

Pangolin Associates badge of sustainabilityAustralian carbon and energy management specialists, Pangolin Associates, has measured Feathermark Photography’s carbon footprint.

Emissions I cannot reduce or eliminate are mainly due to suppliers: e.g. printing and framing materials and processes. So as well as planting trees, I offset these emissions with certified (VCU) carbon credits.

The credits I choose support global renewable energy and Australian forestry conservation projects. To date Feathermark has offset 45 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.